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DC characters who can defeat Thanos

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When it comes to Marvel Comics, the biggets and baddest villain is Mad Titan himself, Thanos. As we have seen him in Avengers Infinity War and Avegers Endgame, Thanos is not easily defeatable and thanks to his Infinity Gaunlet, he is pretty muh unstoppable. As we saw in Avengers Infinity War the combined might of MCU’s Avengers, Wakanda and Guardians of the Galaxy were not able to defeat him, before he was able to snap his fingers and kill 50% of all living creatures from existence.

Even without the fully assembled Infinity Gaunlet, Thanos is hard to defeat. As we saw in Avengers Endgame even without the Gaunlet Thanos gave a very hard fight to Avengers. Within Marvel Universe, he is the smartest character. He has the ability to think strategically through all the eventualities in any given situation by ths ability has afforded to win almost every war.

Thanos is nt only intelligent, but he also possesses the superhuman physiology of the Eternals, is incredibly strong, can teleport anywhere he wish to, and ofeten has the greatest army in the universe at his disposal. While he can easily handle all the Marvel characters.

So here is our list of 20 DC characters who can defeat thanos. For this list, we are analyzing Thanos (with and without MCU version of the Gaunlet.


When we think of DC’s biggest and baddest superhero with incredible strength , we picture Superman. The Man of Steel isn’t the only character in DC to take serious match, there also a Shazam, a superhero with the magical power of gods.

When Billy Batson say the word “SHAZAM”, he gets the power of Soloman, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, which then magically transforms him into a powerful superhero, if Shazam and Thanos gets in a fight it would be messy, but shazam would eaasily beat Thanos (without his Gaunlet)


Many of us remember Doomsday the iconic supervillain of superman. Doomsday is the result of a Kryptonian experiment to create the perfect being, which is capable of surviving any threat and could come out ot top.

Doomsday is like a walking tank who cannot be taken down no matter how hard Superman strikes. Even in his original form, neither him nor Superman were actually destroyed in their battle, as we know that he only gets stronger. So Doomsday would persistently beat Thanos into the ground and then do it again.


There are many Green Lanterns the only one that would take out Mad Titan Thanos woud be Hal Jordan. The fight between two where Thanos (would fight without Gaunlet) . Thanos has great strength but he would be no match for Hal Jordan’s will, as this what it powers his Green Lantern’s Power Ring, there is less chance for Thanos could gain an advantage and beat him.Hal Jordan would beat Thanos.


Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus , she is a demigod. As she is an Amazon Princess she possesses skills and fighting abilities. She has taken on gods like Ares and just have battled out every threat.When it comes to fight between her and Thanos with the Infinity Gaunlet, she could use lasso take off the Gaunlet from his arm before he could use it. The intense fight between these two would leave Thanos pounded into dust, so this fight he wouldn’t win.


The biggest and the baddest villain in DC Universe, Darkseid, just like Thanos is to Marvel as Darkseid is to DC. Both the characters were created around the same time, though Darkseid came first, they both are the biggest and baddest villains in their respective universes. In terms of power, Darkseid is more powerful than Thanos. Darkseid is an immortal god who can manipulate matter and energy, teleport, fire Omega beams, and has few other skills, tactics and abilities he would use to smash Thanos. Even Thanos with Infinity Gaunlet cannot defeat Darkseid.


The virus Lexcorp’s Y2K safety protocols, the Brainiac of the 64th Century was able to come to present and infect Brainiac 2.5 body. This version of Brainiac was far more powerful than its past and he was able to control most of the machines and android superheroes in the 21st century. If Thanos get in a fight Brainiac, Brainiac 13 would be far more superior. As he would be able to find a way control all the machines and use it against the Mad Titan.the fight between these two would be close, but Brainiac 13 would be victorious.


Thanos spent years tracking down the Infinity Stones so that he could wipe out half of the living creatures from existence, but Mr. Mxyzptlk could have just done it with the snap of his fingers and could have done it whenever he wanted. As Mr. Mxyzptlk isn’t bound by the laws of the 3rd Dimension. This gives him the ability to change reality in any way he wants to. So if Thanos and Mr. Mxyzptlk fight each other, Mr. Mxyzptlk could easily beat him, he could simply turn him into a houseplant, or shrink him to the size of an electron if he wanted to. Even with Gaunlet, reality manipulation for Mr. Mxyzptlk is more natural.


Lucifer Morningstar is the fallen Angel who has battled the forces of Heaven, butt he failed. He was being punished to rule Hell, which he did for eons before deciding to hang it up all up. He then cut off his wings and then he headed to Earth to become a lounge singer. The warriors of Heaven didn’t liked his abandonment of Hell, which brought him back into the game.

If Thanos and Lucifer Morningstar get in a fight, in terms of power lucifer is a devil, he isn’t like Mephisto of Marvel Universe, he is literally a devil. So he would easily beat Thanos.


Superman would have probably beaten the crap out of Thanos, but if the version of superman who fight Thanos was from 853rd Century, he would easily destroyed Thanos before the fight had begun. The Superman of 853rd century emerged from the heart of the sun where he resided since 21st century.

Take everything you know about Superman power and then multiply these factors with 10billion, then you are closely to the level of powers Superman Prime One Million possesses. Thanos wouldn’t stand the chance against him, even with gaunlet Superman would easily beat him.


Many people don’t think Swamp Thing as not a big threat, but on Earth he is more like a living God. He is able to transport across the globe wherever plant matter is present and damage to his body is irrelevant as he can recreate himself from whatever vegetation is nearby.

He is extremely powerful and he could easily overwhelm the likes of Thanos, if Thanos faces him on Earth it will be a one – sided match. Swamp Thing isn’t limited to Earth. He can engage in battle with Thanos across the Universe wherever plants exist.


Dr. Manhattan was a normal human being, after an accident with an Intrinsic Field Substractor, he was reborn possessing the godlike powers. In many ways, Dr. Manhattan is what Mad Titan hopes of achieveing by the Infinity Gaunlet with Infinity Stones.

Dr. Manhattan is an immortal, how can ressurect his form, alter time, and space, and has the ability to manipulate matter and energy at the atomic level. He could just simply look at Thanos and turn him into anything he wanted. He could alson uncreate Thanos and disintegrate his entire body atom by atom.

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