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Thanos(Mad Titan) vs Darkseid (God of Evil)

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Mad Titan (Thanos) vs God of Evil (Darkseid)

Both Marvel and DC have the most biggest and baddest villains in comic books epic storyline. Darkseid has been a popular character for many decades, being the archenemy of the Justice League. In terms of popularity Mad Titan has surpassed Darkseid thanks to the MCU making him popular.

However popularity doesn’t make Thanos more powerful, and if you guys are having doubts that between these two villains who is more powerful, then do read this we have compared these characters on 10 different aspects we have have considered all depictions of these charcters, not just the comic books.


Thanos has power of telekinesis, telepathy and cosmic energy are only used rarely, and aren’t considered part of his usual arsenal. This leaves Mad Titan that one trump card that is needed to spell a victims doom.

Mad Titan (Thanos) vs God of Evil (Darkseid)

Darkseid the supervillain with the signature move to end all others. Using the Omega Beans, Darkseid has ruled worlds with an iron fist. The Omega Beans are capable of travelling throughout the galaxy and are locked on its target till eternity unless it is being directed to something else. The Omega Beans are a one-shot kill for the most part, and have been used by Darkseid for teleportation, resurrection, and all out-disaster.



Mad Titan (Thanos) vs God of Evil (Darkseid)

Both the Mad Titan (Thanos) and God of Evil (Darkseid) have MacGuffin that is used as part of their core characterization. For Darkseid, it is the Anti-Life Equation, and for Thanos his signature weapon is Infinity Gaunlet.

In comics and cartoons it is being shown that Darkseid has hardly been able to acquire the Anti-Life Equation: even if he will able to achieve its main power is to cause widespread loss of brain functions, enabling him to make his victims dance like personal puppets. However, it’s outstripped in power by the Infinity Gaunlet, which we all know is capable of wiping out large scale of population from existence with just snap of finger. With the Infinity Gaunlet Thanos can easily win.



This one seems to even as we have seen Thanos in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame that how beat down all the Avengers. He is even capable of picking objects of enormous, as well as hold back force that could crush someone else.

Thanos(Mad Titan) vs Darkseid (God of Evil)

But the fact is that Mad Titan is being compared against a character who has beaten Superman many times. In that case Darkseid strength is immeasurable in that he’s been shown to one-shot characters like Shazam and Martian Manhunter like ther are kids. He has even been able to match the Zeus of all beings in strength ddepartment, along with shattering a Green Lantern power ring with bare hands.



Thanos age has never been accurately being specified, with the generally accepted figure bing around 1000 years. This is ceratinly seems to be a ridiculous amount of time to spend waging wars and gathering experience, but it looks a small amount of time compared Darkseid.

The ruler of Apokolips is actually a God, who uses his body as an avatar to present himself lesser beings. This makes him potentially being billions of year old, and several hundred thousands years at the very youngest. Mad Titan has no chance matching against Darkseid in terms of experience, which means he just doesn’t know the number of tricks, war mongering, and sadism levels that Darkseid has achieved.



Being able to withstand attacks from beings of enormous power is also a more useful abiltiy than super strength. The Mad Titan has been shown to loose to guys like Galactus and Odin, he’s still been able to take attacks from them and walking away only slightly injured.

Darkseid being a New God, has physiology that takes abuses of only the highest quality to make him falter. He has taken serious hits from Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Superman, but rarely ever show any scratches from these fights. Both these characters seem to be far more durable, so it is hard for us to take any decision.



Both these supervillain are intergallactic despots who ahve conquered hundreds of worlds. Thanos (Mad Titan) is well-known for being wanted in the solar system for his crimes, ad he carries thses out by using his Outriders, personal underlings, and armada like Sanctuary.


However Darkseid has a freakin world of his own that he rules over. Being the unquestioned king of Apokolips, Darkseid has an army of Parademons, creatures who know only a thirst of fear and hunt in astonishingly large groups. Darkseid also has several Generals like Steppenwolf, Big Barda, Kalibak and many others there physiologies are equivalent to armies. Darkseid simlpy has more resources and has more powerful generals at his disposal.



There have been many interpretations of Darkseid, but we will pick the DCAU’s version for being the most technologically advanced one by far. Thanos doesn’t have technological aasimilation like Darkseid did, once latter was merged with Brainiac that is. This combination led to Darkseid creating advance tech, such as Agony Matrix which was combined to cause pain million times pain which even Superman couldn’t withstand, as well as mysterious blade that was capable of craving Superman’s heart out.

Thanos technology is incredible in its own right with its incredible floating chair which is capable of travelling galaxies. To counter that, though we have two words that will hand Darkseid the victory: Mother Boxes.



Lets put this staright and simple, have you see Avengers ever beating the Justice League? The DC superhero team is more powerful than Marvel’s offering and Darkseid has to contend with the former on a regular basis.

It’s not much of a problem for Darkseid, though as he always stomps the Justice League whenever they try to fight him. the League often manages to escape him rather than beat him. We can’t just see Mad Titan being able to give hard time to Wonder Woman, Flash and Superman.



As we saw in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers: Endagme that Black Order were fiercely loyal to their father, to the point where they choose death before chances to escape.

If power level are to be considered than Darkseid’s children are hopelessely far ahead of the Black Order with Orion, Mister Miracle and Kalibak all capable of making the Black Order look like a joke, however we should consider that Darkseid’s children despise him, meaning that have no undying loyalty in them as compared to Black Order.



Sure, in one story Darkseid was able to acquire Anti – Life Equation and was able to fully destroy the Fourth World, but this wasn’tmade out be as enormous an event to be taken seriously take it as ultimate feat. In almost all of his stories, Darkseid is seen fighting a seemingly looped war with New Genesis, one Highfather always seems a step ahead. In his prusuits against the Justice League, Darkseid has lost more than he has won the conquests.

This leaves with the simple task of bringing up Mad Titan’s greatest feat: he was able to end life on a trillion-level genocide. In the comics he achieved this so easily that it didn’t look difficult; in the MCU, he achieved the Snap(the Blip) and erased half of all living creatures from existence at larger scale.



For those who don’t know: Darkseid is the character that led to the creation Thanos (Mad Titan), making the original figure of warlord dominance in comic books. Despite having recked up repeatble feats and prowess for himself, Thanos is still not at at the level of Darkseid.

Thanos(Mad Titan) vs Darkseid (God of Evil)

Darkseid has far too many qualities like pwer, influence, ruthlessness an character that allow him to be cut above Mad Titan. Darkseid have much easier time contending with Marvel heroes had he been in that Universe, while Thanos (Mad Titan) would not have been able to reach the same level as Darkseid in the DC Universe. So in the end we could see that it is the God of Evil Darkseid who is a clear winner

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