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DC Dark Multiverse Most Powerful Characters

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Dark Multiverse

One of the DC comics most prominent major storylines of recent years has to belong Dark Knights : Metal. The event explored the DC universe in whole new light, showing Dark Multiverse where the heroes have come to know and love made very different choices, and became twisted and evil version of themselves.

DC’s Dark Multiverse led by several different evil versions of Bruce Wayne, the Dark Multiverse nearly destroyed the main DC Multiverse, and even after that Dark Multiverse still haunted the heroes. So many new characters were being introduced in this event.


One new character introduced in this event was none other than Infernal, the evil version of Firestorm. Every DC Comic fans knows the history of the Firestorm, a combination of two people creating the Firestorm Matrix. The most well known of the Firestorm heroes has to be Martin Stein, Ronald Raymond and Jason Rusch.

In this universe was created after Ronald and Jason died, and only Dr. Stein was left. He merged with their bodies and created the evil version of the hero, calling himself the most powerful Infernal.


One of the evil versions of Bruce Wayne that was introduced into the Dark Knights : Metal storyline was Batman : The Dawnbreaker. Hailing from Earth – 32, Bruce’s story began like most others, with the loss of his parents at the hands of Joe Chill. However in this universe, a Green Lantern ring found him the moment after his parent’s death, and the empty void left behind by their passing corrupted the ring.


One of the characters of the Dark Multiverse that only appeared brielfy but had a major impact leading to the events of Dark Nights : Metal has to Savage Fire. Appearing in Wonder Woman Vol. 5, #48, Savage Fire was the Goddess of War in her universe. However, she did so not to protect the innocent or the good of the universe, but to make a profit and for blood.

She was one of the five dark gods to emerge from monoliths in the story, hailing from a Dark Multiverse and fighting not only Wonder Woman but her brother Jason and Supergirl.


One of the most powerful and terrifying evil Bruce Wayne has to be, the Merciless. Hailing from Earth – 12, this version of Bruce didn’t start off corupted. He and Wonder Woman were in love but found themselves torn apart after battling the god of war Ares for two years. After she seemingly she seemingly perished in battle, he grabbed Ares helmet and used it against the god of war.

Despite Wonder Woman surviving, after all, the power of helmet corruptedd Bruce so much that he chose to end her life , and the lives of all other heroes on Earth.


One of the most evil and unique versions of Bruce Wayne is the woman known as the Drowned. Bruce Wayne declared war on the meta human population after her longtime love Sylvester Kyle lost her life by one such meta human. After destroying all meta humans on land, she grew weary of Aquawoman after she returned from exile and proposed peace between her people and the surface world.

When peace negotiations broke down and war was declared, Bruce went to war. Ending the life of Aquawoman, she also genetically altered her genes to win the war, and ultimately joined the Dark Knight.


One of the most popular evil versions of Bruce Wayne has to be the Red Death. On Earth – 52 , Bruce Wayne was a hero in Gotham who fought alongside many versions of Robin. However the constant loss of his sidekicks and the never – ending war and violence in his city made him better, and he sought a new way to end it all once and for all.


One of the most strongest member of the Dark Knights has be the Bruce Wayne of Earth – 1. Much of his backstory is similar to the one fan knows. Batman always feared that Superman would become the threat, so stockpiled many weapons to fight the Kryptonian. After Superman losses his mind, he kills his wife and various other innocents, Bruce fought Superman, losing his arm in this process. However to stop superman, at last he infected himself with Doomsday virus ending Superman.


One of the most brutal versions of Bruce Wayne has to be the Murder Machine hailing from Earth – 44, Bruce was a hero and founder of Justice League, with his story being much the same as the Batman fans know well. However, at some point his friend and Butler Alfred is taken out by Batman Rogues Gallery. Bruce asks Cyborg to make A.I. model of Alfred’s mind to help him, but instead it deems Bruce was incapable to protect himself from A.I. ,it infects his mind and replaces his body with a robotic one.


One of the most powerful of all the villains revealed during Dark Knights : Metal has to be Barbatos, the Bat – God. The dragon – like creature that consumed decaying dark worlds by the World Forge, Barbatos became corrupted and ended up destroying his creator, corrupting the Forge of Worlds, and allowing the dark multiverse to go unchecked.

Gathering the worst Batman of the dark Multiverse, he created the Court of Owls in order to manipulate and turn the Earth 0 Batman into a portal to come to the DC Universe, battling teh world’s heroes and attempting to sink the regylar multiverse.


Usually, the creature who was known as the Bat – God would be the most powerful being on the list, but there was one other who was not only the most evil of the Dark Knights, but managed to survive and escape into Earth 0 after the events of Dark Knight : Metal.

The Batman Who Laughs is the most twisted of all the dark multiverse Batman. Batman was infected by the Joker during their battles, he began to grow cruel, and in so doing Bruce Wayne’s intellect, tactian skills and fighting skills merged with Joker’s mind for chaos and mayhem, creating anarchy.

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