Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020

Why DCEU Needs a Soft REBOOT ?

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Why DCEU needs a soft reboot

The road to success for the DCEU films has been bumpy and has faced some failures. While there have been some successes thanks to films like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam, it’s diificult to ignore the fact that movies like Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, Justice League and Suicide Squad were a failure and now with Joker on the horizon, it raises a question if DC might be best cutting its losses and opting a soft reboot.

The start of DC’s cinematic universe was promising enough, with 2013 Man of Steel introducing audiences to Superman and the world of DCEU and while the film was not an overwhelming success either critically or financially, it wasn’t offensive enough to polarize fans in either direction for or against it. Still the subsequent films set within the universe were more than prepared for such polarization.


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice tried to bulk of the work with the world building, but it off more than it could chew. On top of trying to shoehorn in teasers for the following Justice League film, Batman v Superman was not able to meet the expectations of the fans and was critically panned and 2016’s Suicide Squad only exacerated the DCEU’s problem and last attempt at reshoots and changing the films tone hurt it even worse rather than re-correcting the mistakes.

Thankfully DC and Warner Bros. somewhat learned from the DCEU prior failure. As it stands, many problems from early DCEU films seems to have melted away. Since 2017’s Wonder Woman, DC’s cinematic universe has added two more movies in their belt of success. Even more impressive? The studio looks to be willing to take risks going forward as seen with Birds of Prey and the Suicide Squad. These appears to be a new dawn for the world of DCEU , and it’s certainly not the Dawn of Justice they were hoping for.

Wonder Woman debuted the first major feamle-led superhero film while telling a heartfell period piece, while Aquaman and Shazam offered up lightgearted fun. In fact, the latter film fits into the comedy genre than DC film before than any DCEU film before. After all Batman vs Superman and Justice were notably full of something that finally appears to be a part of the past along with overly ambitious world – building. Yet, while the DCEU has taken some positive steps forward, there’s no denying its past is somewhat franchise main problem.

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