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17 Most Powerful Thors Hammer

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Thors hammer

When Thor entered in MCU, he was given Mjolnir (thors hammer), a legendary weapon made in the heart of the dying star, to help him fight evil all across the Nine realms. This was the first weapon, he was given in the comics and has since become synoymous with the character. However, Thor is a character who has gone through a lot of changes both in the movies and comics, in Thor: Ragnarok he lost his hammer, his eye and a big portion of his cape because of this, the God of Thunder has learned to use different weapons in this time. On top of that, there are alternate versions of God of Thunder who have variations of Mjolnir or different weapons entirley. So here is our list of 17 most powerful Thors hammer.

thors hammer

In an alternate reality, a zombie virus was exposed in Marvel Universe. While the heroes of the world banded together to try and fight back the plague, it wasn’t long untill every single one of them was infected by the virus that turned them into zombies. This included the Thor also, who was one of the deadlier zombies.

Being an undead zombie, though he was no longer worthy of Mjolnir, due to this he has to use some other hammer (Zombie Hammer) in battle. The Zombie Hammer is although less powerful than Mjolnir. It doesn’t come closer to the power level of its predecessor. Zombie Thor was still quite dangerous.

thors hammer

The standard Marvel Universe isn’t the only reality that exits in comics. Earth 616 exists in a realm known as Multiverse, which has multiple timelines under its belt. Among there was a Marvel Universe which was stuck in the Middle Ages. In this reality, there was a being named Kulan Gath who ruled over it.

However not everyone liked his leadership style, leading to a group called the Exiles to overthrow him.

Gath wasn’t going to go down with a fight, though. One of his guards was the Mighty Thor himself, albeit resembling a viking more than an Asgardian. In his hand was a variant of Mjolnir. It looked slightly different but seemed to function same. However, Thor was quickly dispatched by the Exiles, showing that this version Mjolnir wasn’t that powerful.

thors hammer

Loki is known for using his magic for playing tricks and transforming the physical appearances of others. One such creation came from a young man by the name of Jeffery Fischer who imagined him as the cover for his very first music album. He was eventually being put in a dream and had to imagine someone to save them so he thought up Deconsecrator embodied the vessel of Thor.

Thors hammer also changed a little bit as he transformed into Deconsecrator. In terms of power level, thor hammer didn’t change very much. Everthing the hammer it did differently was exclusive of its appeareance. It gained more spikes and looked edgier to go along with the new Thor. If Loki was going to further torture his brother.

thors hammer

Thor Odinson wasn’t only the individual to take the power of God of Thunder. There was another, named Eric Masterson, who was also deemed worthy of an extent. Taking the name Thunderstrike (due to Thor already being taken), he got to use a different weapon than Mjolnir. However, the weapon was also named Thunderstrike. Although Thunderstrike had similar ablities to Mjolnir, but the hammer wasn’t quite that much strong.

Thunderstrike was later given to Eric Masterson’s son after his death. After his son died, Thor engraved “The World Still Need Heroes” on the side of the mace to honor Masterson’s death. [The mace was given refernce in movie Thor: Ragnarok]

thors hammer

There was a time when Loki tricked him and turned Thor into a frog, because of this God of Thunder had to look for help in the most unlikely places. He came across a frog named Puddlegulp and the rest of his friends. Together, they had to fight an army of rats to save the frogs and restore Thor’s physical form.

After Thor left, a piece of Mjolnir fell of the ground. Pugglegulp walked to it and was considered worthy to lift it and at that moment he was the granted the power of Thot and the piece turned into a small Mjolnir. From that moment on, Puddlegulp was known as Throg, The Frog of Thunder and was being made the rightful prtector of the marshes.

thors hammer

On a different Earth, there’s a different version of Avengers they are known as the Tyrant Avengers. This version is knwon as Thorr. In this version the Mjolnir can only be lifted by those who are not worthy and this thors hammer was not nearly as strong as original Mjolnir.

Tyrant Avengers were sent back to their Earth, the unwothy thors hammer was left behind. After the ‘Original Sin’ storyline, Thor was no longer able to lift Mjolnir, due to this Thor decided to find Thorr’s unworthy hammer and use it himself.

thors hammer

Eric Masterson had a rough time as Thunderstrike. While he was primarily known for using a mace of the same name, that was the only weapon he had at his diposal. There’s one more powerful thors hammer known as Blood Axe. The reason that most people were afraid to use this hammer was because it turned its user into bloodthirsty lunatic.

That said, Masterson knew that he wasn’t strong enough for ceratin fights, and had Blood Axe with him in case he needed an extra boost in power. Unfortunately, his use of the Blood Axe caused him a dual personality to form – one personality was noble and the other one was a savage killer. Thor eventually destroy the axe as no one could be corrupted.

thors hammer

Eric Masterson and Thor Odinson weren’t the only ones to be worthy of the power of Thor. There was also a Korbonite on another planet known as Beta Ray Bill. When he came across Mjolnir, he was shocked to find that he worthy to lift it. However, Thor needed the hammer and the two of them fought for it, Thor won this fight. Beta Ray bill felt that Mjolnir was Thor’s right, so he left it.

Odin wasn’t prepared to let such a noble character leave so quickly and empty handed. So he asked the dwarves froge a second hammer with simialr powers of Mjolnir, this hammer was known as Stormbreaker, it was bestowed on Beta Ray Bill and he was given the powers of Thor as well.


We all know that Thor as the guy who was worthy to lift Mjolnir and gained all the powers along with it. However, he wasn’t always to lift the hammer, not even in the comics. Long before Thor used as axe known as Jarnbjorn, it was just like Mjolnir, it was also forged by the dwarves, but didn’t have the same level of power as that of Mjolnir.

Still Jarnbjorn was deadly weapon in battle. With a touch of Thors blood, it was able cut through Celestial beings like a butter. While Thor stopped using it after he was worthy to lift Mjolnir, so he started using the hammer.


While not technically this not any axe or any of thors hammer, this directly influence his use of hammer. While he was using, Jarnbjorn, he went up against Dark Elf. However, the Dark Elf Lord was cunning he used Jarnbjorn against Thor and cut of Thor’s arm which the Dark Elf Lord kept it for himself.

After Thor returned to Asgard, he was given new arms made up of Uru metal. The way the metal works is quite diferent it allows the strength to fluctuate with Thor. The stronger the Thor become, so did his arms. It also enhanced the power of any of thors hammer or any other weapons he used in battle.


In the Ultimate Universe, Mjolnir (thors hammer) had a few re-writes to fit this new continuity. This thors hammer was this time around , being by Odin rather than dwarves. It was being created with the intention to give its user immeasurable power as well as being the key to revive Asgard once Ragnarok happened and destroyed it.

The Ultimate Mjolnir had a piece of Asgard embedded in the Uru metal, so that Thor could be able to rebirth it. On top of that, this version of Thors hammer had a few tricks up its sleeves that 616 version did not have. For starters, it could be used by anyone and wasn’t restricted to only those who were to worthy to lift it. At the same time, it didn’t sacrifice power to compensate.


We all know that Mjolnir was the weapon which was being forged from the heart of a dying star by the dwarves that was imbueded with mystical powers. When the hammer was neing given to Odin, he stated thatWhosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor . Since then, it has been the trademark weapon of the God Of Thunder both in comics as well as in Cinematic Universe.

What made Mjolnir so special was that it was nearly indestructible, but in Thor: Ragnarok we saw taht Hela destroyed Mjolnir. This means that Thor could go against almost any villain and blow right through them. On top of that, Mjolnir could return back to Thor’s hand at his call, meaning that he was incredibly overpowered in battle. Mjolnir also gave Thor the ability to fly. But as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok that after thors hammer was being destroyed, Odin told him that the hammer was only to help Thor channelise his powers.


You’d never know this by watching Thor movies, but Jane Foster was actually more useful in the comics. In comics, she ended up being worthy to lift Thors hammer (Mjolnir) and was being known as new Thor (while the God of Thunder took the name ‘Odinson’). Despite being a new take on the God of Thunder, she was able to use Mjolnir in the best way.

However, the reason of Jane Foster weilding Mjolnir ranks higher than Thor because she was able to excercise a level of control over its previously unseen. This led to her unlocking abilities along with the hammer that most thought were untainable. She could change its velocity and its trajectory mid – throw and even spin it around extremely fast to trap her foes and it seemed to it had a deeper bond with her than Thor.


In Thor: Ragnarok, when Hela escaped her prison and took over Asgard. While trying to stop her, Thor was shocked to see his sister crush Mjolnir (Thors hammer) in her first move. However, by this Thor was able to unlock his true lightning power and become the God of Thunder for which he is known as.

In Avengers Infinity War, he got a new weapon in the form of an axe – type weapon known as Stormbreaker. It takes a few notes from weapons in comics with some additions of its own. in Avengers Infinity War we saw him using the Stormbreaker against Chitauri Army and he also faught Thanos and nearly killed and in Avengers Endgame Thor used it cut off Thanos head. Thor has become more powerful as he has already realized his true power.

Thors hammer

One of the most powerful beings in Marvel Universe is Dormmamu. Being the master of dark arts and the Dark Dimsension, this fiery demon has been known to conquer the Earth and he was always being fought by Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. However, there is alternate reality where Strange lost again him and Dormammu went to reign over the entire world.

Because of this, there were different version of our classic Marvel superheroes who were being corrupted by Dormammu. Among them is Thor, who resembles a monster rather than an Asgardian. On top of that Thors hammer (Mjolnir) was also being corrupted by Dormammu’s Dark Magic, which led to it having much more mystical abilities known as Corrupted Mjolnir. It was more powerfu than original Mjolnir.


The Amalgam Universe was a reality when MARVEL and DC decided to work together for a major crossover event. In this reality that DC and Marvel characters were combined to make new hybrids. Characters like Batman and Wolverine were merged together to create impressive hybrids. Among these mergers one was of Thor and Orion, this character was known as Thorion. It had the powers of both God of Thunder as well as DC’s New God.

Their weapon of choice was a version of Mjolnir (thors hammer) that was imbued with power of both Thor and Orion. While the hammer itself was shorther than Mjolnir, but it was presumably much more stronger.


Earth 10190 is specifically related to Asgardians. After Loki was involved in a strange turn of events, he inadvertently created Earth – 10190. The difference here is that Asgardians were generally a bit more savage out of blood. However, at the top of the food chain on this Earth was the Mighty Thor himself.

While the Asgardians were much more willing to enter a fight, they still thought was extreme. He longed for the battle and killed whomever he wanted. In this world Mjolnir was one of the strongest weapon in the world. Thors hammer had several spikes. Thor could kill whomever he wanted and whenever he wanted no one could stop him.

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