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How Doctor Strange was able to see beyond his death ?

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How Doctor Strange was able to see beyond his death in Infinity War?

A deleted scenes released on Disney + series finally explains how Doctor Strange was able to see beyond his death In Avengers Infinity War. The Master of Mystic Arts are sworn to protect the Time Stone, and for centuries they have mastered to use it. The Ancient One used the Time Stone to identify countless potential threats, and find the best way to deal with them.

In Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange did the same, he used the Time Stone to explore over 14 Million different future and was able to identify one future in which the Avengers were able to defeat Thanos. But viewers found one problem with this idea; because according to the Ancient One it was impossible for her to see beyond his death. Doctor Strange was one of the victims how was killed by Thanos Snap but was brought back to life by the Avengers and he really shouldn’t have been able to see beyond his death.

Marvel has recently released a number of deleted and alternate scenes on Disney + and one of these scenes finally resolves the problem. It’s an alternate version of the conversation between Hulk and the Ancient One in Avengers : Endgame, and it reveals that she somehow managed to foresee the Snap. The Ancient One explains that there’s a key difference between killing someone, and doing what Thanos did, which she describes as willing people out of existence. The scene has some notable continuity problem, and of course Marvel replaced it, but it’s the closest Marvel has ever come to explaining the mechanics of the snap. It neatly resolves the issue of Doctor Strange’s mysterious visions; he was never looking beyond his death at all, because in any timeline where the snap was not averted, he and half the life in the universe never really died.

How Doctor Strange was able to see beyond his death in Infinity War?

It will be fascinating to see how the Master of Mystic Arts operate without their greatest weapon the Time Stone. The Ancient feared that any timeline without the Infinity Stones were vulnerable, in large part because of the way the Master of the Mystic Arts have been using the Time Stone. She even took the Time Stone into, wearing it around her neck when she was fighting the Chitauri Army in Avengers : Endgame. Using the Time Stone, Master of the Mystic Arts were able to proactive in their defense of reality, rather than reactive. But that adavantage is now gone, due to this could cause major problems in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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