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How Jane Foster will be able to lift Mjolnir ?

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Jane Foster

In Marvel Phase 4 we are going to see the fourth Thor movie Thor Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster. Thor’s human love who has been relatively a minor player in Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Jane Foster won’t just be an astrophysicist in the upcoming film. Following in the footsetps of her comic book counterpart, she’ll also be worthy to lift Mjolnir.

Even though the film is yet to be released in 2021, one of the key aspects of her transformation may be an Infinity Stone that’s already in MCU.

Jane Foster

In 2013 Thor: The Dark World, we saw Thor return to Asgard after the events of The Avengers to find the Nine realms in chaos. Meanwhile Jane and her intern Darcy investigate a disturbance in an abandoned warehouse in London where they find a portal back on Earth. Jane enters the anomaly and transports to another world where she put her hand inside a rock and gets affected by the Aether. After Aether gets inside Jane she fell sick, Thor takes her to Asgard for treatment.

Odin identifies the infecteion as the Aether (Reality Stone), which his father Bor fought to keep it out of the hands of Malakeith. The Infinity Stone grants its user to change the reality on a massive scale, as we saw when Thanos acquire the stone from the Collector in Avengers: Infinity War.

Like the other Infinity Stones, the Aether will kill anyone who touches it if they’re not powerful enough to wield it. So, Thor, Loki, and Jane Foster travel Dark Elf homeworld in an attempt to extract Aether from Jane’s Body and detsroy it for good. Thor is unable to destroy the Aether, but eventually puts an end to Malakeith’s plan later in the film.

While Thanos acquire the Reality Stone from the Aether to assemble the Infinity Gaunlet, there’s no guarantee that Jane in this span of time with Aether inside her wouldn’t have left some of its’s residual powers in her.

If she even has a fraction of time of its reality bending power, she could theoretically create or wield Mjolnir. Jane Foters connection with Aether puts her into uncharted waters as she’s one of the only characters in MCU to wield an Infinity Stone as long as she did.

In Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor from which Thor Love and Thunder is drawing inspiration from, Jane Foster is being diagnosed with cancer and in that same span of time Thor also loses his ablitiy to wield Mjolnir. Soon after, a mysterty woman gains power of the hammer and fight evil beings using the mantle of the God of Thunder. It’s later revealed that the women is Jane Foster who wields Mjolnir while fighting her ailment. However Jane’s use of hammer perpetuated her cancer as a result of transformation purging all toxins from her body, including the chemothereapy being used for her treatment each time she transforms.

With the Aether, the MCU’s Jane Foster could find her self in a similar set of circumstances. We’ve already seen the Aether harm her, and her using it to wield Mjolnir could be quite detrimental to her health. It could also be a way to Jane Foster character a Thor’s tragic, compelling arc inspired by the comics.

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