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Is Scarlet Witch MCU’s Next Big Villain?

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Sacrlet Witch

With a roster of cosmically powered villains like Kang the Conquer, Galactus now fair game for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, speculation about the big screen’s next Big Bad is unrestrained, with aformentioned acquisition form Fox currently at the top of most fans wish lists. But if Marvel has something more sinister planned? What if the MCU’s next big villain has been right under our noses this whole time? Can Scarlet Witch be the MCU’s next big villain?

Let’s start with the most obvious: A heel turn for the chaos magic-wielding sorcerers , played by Elizabeth Olsen, woudn’t be entirely unrecedented for the character. Both on screen and in the comics, Scarlet Witch was introduced as villain, teaming up with Ultron and Magneto, respectively two of Marvels most formidable bad guys. Although she won’t be the first character to turn into first-villain-hereo-turned-villain again.

Scarlet Witch the MCU's Next Big Villain?

If she did break bad, it wouldn’t be a problem either. The little we know about the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Wanda inclusion therein, seems to indicate that she’ll finally be growing into her undefined abilities, and finally earn the name Scarlet Witch a name exudes power, but hasn’t yet been uttered in MCU. Similarly her upcoming Disney + show, Wanda Vision is almost going to involve some of reality manipulation , given that half of the title couple is dead.

A mutant in the comics (most of the time) – Scarlet Witch powers have included everything from matter manipulation to teleportation, energy protection and the ability to remake reality. Her power level has risen and fallen sporadically throughout the years, with current Wanda relegated to being a wielder of decidedly non-relaity threatening chaos magic.

The only real constant in the comics, from her debut in 1964 till now, is that Wanda is prone to losing control of her powers – sepecially when dealing with grief, and when she loses control people die, in the infamous ‘House of M’ storyline, she all but erase mutantkind with three simple words.

We have seen Scarlet Witch so far in the MCU. While her powers are similarly scattershot, with each subsequent movie she has only gone stronger.

Though in MCU she started as little more than Ultron henchman, by Avengers: Endgame she was powerful enough to stand toe-to-toe against Mad Titan Thanos, she nearly killed him. Even Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege said that she could have done the deed, if Thanos had not called an suicide attack over the battlefield.

But the real show of Wanda’s potential came during the end of Avengers: Infinity War in the movie we saw her destroying an Infinity Stone (Mind Sttone). Although Thanos used Time Stone to bring back Vision and take the Infinity Stone by killing him.

But as we Wanda’s inability to control her power is also something we’ve already seen in Captain America: Civil War to save Captain America’s like from bomb wielding Crossbones she lost control the bomb got burst in a building, this led to the declaration of the Sokovia Accords and the titular ‘Civil War’ between the Avengers.

So that’s two for two for the Scarlet Witch of MCU, with both potentially unchecked power and a less than stellar track record of using it well. However she is also emotionally unstable as her comic book counterpart. Endgame seemed to go out to show Wanda going after Thanos specially for vengeance, and in MCU its a no-no.

The upcoming Disney + series Wanda Vision series also poised to go through into Scarlet Witch characters dark side. Wanda is going to warp the reality to her own ends, at least a little, and if the movies follow the comics then we are going to see the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision is going to get really weird and real dark, real fast.

But the question is how exactly Wanda Maximoff will become a villain?

According to a popular reddit theory speculates that Wanda will dicover a timeline which Doctor Strange missed in Infinity War, in Doctor Strange dies and Vision lives. She’ll then blame Strange for Vision’s death and go insane, threatening to unravel reality.

Scarlet Witch comic history, that’s certainly plausible. But isn’t right for the MCU’s version of her. Never mind Wanda Vision is going to release first, directtly feeding to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The surreal of Wanda Vision suggests that Wanda in order to be with late Vision, already have tapped some kind of alternate reality well before she crosses path with Doctor Strange. Wanda doesn’t have great control ver her powers – she’s only had for a couple of years, after all, and without any real, after all, and without any real training her history of accidently starting international incidents, and reality manipulation being a before now extraordinary feat for anyone in the MCU, it would almost make if she loses control of her reality, inadvertently threatening all of them.

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