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Cosmic threats we could see in Marvel Phase 4

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During the 11 year journey it ended up at Avengers Endgame, we got to see Earths Mightiest Heroes grow into the powerful being they become, but on the outside among the stars an evil being known as Thanos was biding his time before he went on the conquest to search Infinity Stones along the galaxy.Many superheroes fell standing up to the Mad Titan, and it proved that greater threats exist in the cosmos, but they finally defeated Thanos. There are plenty of aliens who are much stronger and capable of causing huge problems for the Avengers.So here is our list of 10 cosmic threats we can see in Marvel Phase 4.


The Annihlus was responsible for destroying millions of lives, the destruction of Xandar, and the imprisonment and torture of Galactus. It pushed Nova and the United Front to its limits, and also saw the end of entire galaxy, but in the end, the Annihulus was defeated.

Seeing such destruction would alert the Avengers thisn would introduce new heroes like Nova and Phalanx in MCU. This could also be away to feature Drax daughter Moondragon but as we know the comic adaptation has never been strict at following the source material. Annihulus is intent on obliterating everyone so that he can exist alone, he is much worse than ideals of Thanos, so its certainly a potential storyline for Phase 4.

kang the conqueror

Nathaniel Richards have proved a thorn in the Avengers side time and time again, so it makes sense to see him pop up in the MCU. Kang the Conqueror made a huge impact when he arrived on Earth in Washington DC, taking out the US Army with ease.

The Avengers were soon contacted to help take care of the time travelling human, but he defaeted them easily. Having Kang arrive unannounced on the White House lawn, blowing up Presidents home then threatening humanity would be big enough to alert the Avengers.


Before the MCU, Galactus first appeared in Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer, and to say it was underwhelming will be an understatement. The Devourer of World is an almighty presence, and finally seeing him in the MCU would be incredible.

Although Kevin Fiege and comapny would be saving for Fantatstic Four, he could still be teased through references and post – credit scenes, and Marvel Phase 4 could even have the Silver Surfer or other herals of Galactus fight the likes of Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy before they arrive to Earth.


Whilst not all threats are as huge Galactus or as deadly as Annihulus, some can still be a threat to the Avengers. Korvac aided the Badoon when the alien conquerors decided to invade Earth, and in response turned him into cyborg, however his newfound powers went to his head and he turned on the Baboon in the process.

He also took Cosmic Power from Galactus starship, and harnessed some of the Grandmaster’s Power, so he would be perfect villain for Guardians of the the Galaxy eventually spilling onto Earth and bringing the Avengers into mix.


The Beyonders are an alien race know for creating the Cosmic Cubes, however, one of the Cubes become sentient, resulting in an evil entity known as Beyonder. In Secret Wars , he created Battleworld for the sole purpose of seeing various superheroes to fight each other other so he could satiate his curiosity.

Imprisoning superheroes on Battleworld could create an interesting take on the MCU, and help to introduce Molecule Man, and later on Kosmos. Marvel Phase 4 is ready for a new cosmic threat and introducing the Secret Wars story would offer a different approach that the typical alien wants to conquer Earth again.


Abraxas is the yin to Eternity’s Yang – the embodient of destruction where as Eternity’s purpose was that of creation. He might be a left – field choice to be the Fantastic Four’s enemy in the MCU, so he could be threat to the Avengers in Marvel Phase 4.

The Ultimate nulifier was used by Mister Fantastic to destroy Galactus, seeds could be sown in new Guardians of the Galaxy film to see him appear with Eternity, as there’s no bigger threat than the incarnation of devastation

Adam Warlock

With hint that Adam Warlock is already going to play a part in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 thanks to his gestating in the golden cacoon created by Ayesha – the leader of the Soverign (appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ), it seems we’ll soon see him appear. Warlock is the epitome of perfection, created to embody almighty strength and intelligence, and although his introduction to MCU is much different to his appearance in comics, it looks like he could pose quite the threat to the Guardians.

the celestials

Perhaps the most devastating threat in the entire universe, the Celestials are a race of immortal space of gods that have played a huge role in many of the comic’s biggest events. They have created the Eternals and Deviants, as well as inflicting the X- Gene on Earth, and are deeply entwined with entire history of the Marvel Comics Universe.

They’ve already threatened the Avengers on Earth, when the Dark celestials unleash a destructive Horde, and have played a role in the lives of the Asgardians as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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