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HYDRA : Top 10 most Savage things done by them

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There are several groups in the Marvel Universe that have been recurring enough to be considered the greatest enemies of the heroes. HYDRA is an entire organisation who operates with the thinking that they are bringing order to the world.

In order to complete their goals, HYDRA has done some of the most savage things. So here is our list of Top 10 most savage things that HYDRA has ever done.


HYDRA : Top 10 most Savage things done by them

Captain America is the biggest enemy of HYDRA has had. So, what was their appraoach in hurting him emotionally. They had him face off against one of his best friend Bucky. In comics, Bucky Barnes had been dead for decades before Marvel brought him back.

Not only did they brainwash him, they had the Winter Soldier commit assassination far and wide all across history. HYDRA even had him kill Wolverine’s wife and child back in 1946, and we know how things went in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


HYDRA : Top 10 most Savage things done by them

It’s always said that you should never play with things that you don’t understand. In the MCU, whenever anyone has attempted to play around with Infinity Stones, it has always backfired on them. HYDRA was responsible for throwing the human race into global war by using the Tesseract for their use.

As we know that the Space Stone is being used to travel the cosmos in an instant, but HYDRA used it to make weapons that would disintegrate someone hit by a blast.


HYDRA : Top 10 most Savage things done by them

HYDRA was known to do human experiment to test the Infinity Stone’s potential. There were hundreds of people they experimented over, only for all those guys to die because they were not able to sustain the power of Infinity Stone’s.

Eventually Maximoff twins seemed to be the first pair to unlock supernatural powers, but they were kept inside a special in which they were being tested like lab rats, no one knows in what kind of conditions they were being and what type of experiments were being done on them.


HYDRA : Top 10 most Savage things done by them

As we know that Punisher uses deadly means to accomplish his missions, but some of him was still considered as a good guy who just too tortutred mentally to see what was ethical and what wasn’t.

In this story, though, HYDRA managed to bring the Punisher to their rank by outright lying to him. They promised him to bring back his family they would use the Tesseract, and even managed to get him to kill Black Widow when she intervened. Lying to a man to bring back his deceased loved ones is too low.


A lot of things will make sense whenput into context that HYDRA had been controlling things in S.H.I.E.L.D, as many questionable actions can be explained. HYDRA was within the S.H.I.E.L.D, it had been active over a century.

As we saw in Captain America : Winter Soldier (2014), it was revealed in the movie that HYDRA was active in making itself as a parasite within S.H.I.E.L.D since the beginning of World War II. it was also successful in turning a lot of loyal S.H.I.E.L.D AGENTS into HYDRA spies and those who did agree with them they were being assassinated.


HYDRA boasts about having stability and order with its ranks, but when the question of power is up for grabs it is then time for some true savagery to kick in. In the comics, the death of leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker elicited a Civil war within HYDRA itself, as every faction within the group wanted to seize control.

To further their position, HYDRA agents would target themselves in an attempt to cement their power, leading war to escalating out of control. Even after Strucker was reseurrected, the war continue as many members didn’t want him back in charge.


As we have seen in both comics and films that HYDRA agents utter “hail HYDRA” in their final moments. So strangely you can’t help but have a little respect for the HYDRA agents, as do they go out swinging their missions.

Alexander Pierece was shot blank by Nick Fury, but his only thoughts were in confessing his loyalty to HYDRA at the very end. In Captain America : Civil War we saw that Eerier was the man Zemo murdered, who remained so loyal to such a degree that he uttered his devotion before drowning to HYDRA, which was being dismantled at that point.


In this instance, our “savagery” condition is how anarchic HYDRA’s methods are. In this regard, they’re savages who don’t think for themselves once a certain clause if fulfilled. As we saw in Avengers : Endgame in the elevator we saw the HYDRA agents being stupid by handling over Loki’s Sceptre to Captain America.

As this version of Captain America was a time traveller, he knew the agents were HYDRA members and he uttered “HAIL HYDRA” to them, instantly they gave him the sceptre containing the Mind Stone without asking any questions or double checks by any agents.


You’d think the one exception to HYDRA’s teachings would always remain Captain America, who was so pure in personality that he could never be corrupted, and yet HYDRA somehow managed to go to low as they could in their methods and brainwash Captain America himself.

They went so deep into his psyche that Captain America ended up having fake memories of having always been a HYDRA agent. He would go on commit atrocities , and that’s something he can never erase for his conscience – all thanks to HYDRA who wanted to their rival of every bit of his respect.


It seemed very much out of character for the World Security Council to commission a nuclear attack onto a state that had millions of inhabitants and on whom a major part of the relied relied upon as far as the stock market was concerned. This was explained as having been the work of HYDRA, who were acting as part of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The man behind this attack was Gideon Malick, who we saw give the order to Nick Fury in Avengers. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. elaborted upon him by showing Malick as the head of HYDRA and it was his idea to commission a nuclear attack.

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