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Mysterio didn’t die in Spiderman Far From Home

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Mysterio is known as the Master of illusion, and he truly live up to his name. In Spider-Man Far From Home Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio proved to one of Peter Parker’s biggest foes to date. He tricks the web crawler into thinking he’s an ally, all part of a very intricate scheme which allow his way into an ownership of an artifical intellingence program called EDITH made by Tony Stark which he left for Peter Paker.

However in the end of the film we see that Mysterio die due to his own carelessneess in the heat of battle against Spider-Man. But while Quentin Beck is no more, in principle Mysterio isn’t really dead, as the symbol still lives on through his villanious organization.

Mysterio meets Spider - Man

After Beck gets EDITH from Peter in the form of pair of sunglasses, he has a meeting with everyone who helps him out in his productions. It’s shocking as we see a bunch of scientists who are angry after having worked for Tony Stark. We have Peter Billingsley as chief of technology William, who worked under Obadiah Stane in Iron Man (2008), as well as Victoria, Guterman and Janice all former Stark Industries employee who were being mistreated, unrecognized or fired, or else believed Tony Stark stole and repurposed their technology. In fact later we come to know why Beck hates Stark, because Tony Stark used Beck’s work to perfect his B.A.R.F. (Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing) tech revealed in Captain America Civil War.

It’s not a jut a handful of disgruntled ex-employees, as we can see more than 20 scientists, who even took part in the charade at a bar to lure Peter into thinking Beck deserves the sunglasses and he could be the next Iron Man. When the mission is successful and Beck pops cork on the champagne, he makes it clear this cadre is a bigger deal than angry ex-employees or revenge seekers.

Beck deems them to be heroes and freedom fighters, and as he laughs at the name of Mysterio he’s straightforward when he says he it’s not a man; its an ideal. That leads to his crowning statement that each and every one of his allies in the room is Mysterio.

Coupled with his workers belief in this doctrine, it’s obvious that, despite Becks death, Mysterio still lives as we have seen in the comics that over the years Mysterio’s identity has been taken by : Quentin Beck, Daniel Beckhart and Francis Klum. In the end of the movie we see that William steals EDITH’S drone tech following Beck’s defeat, making it safe to assume it’s he who uploads the fake footage to the Daily Bugle to frame Spider- Man for the death of Mysterio.

In the mid credit scene we see that Spider- Man is also accused of carrying out drone attacks, meaning William is most likely one who doctored the footage and set it to loose into the world. That’s just one agent however and seeing that neither Peter Parker nor Nick Fury knwe about Mysterio’s team, so the dream lives on. They’re roaming free, and shocking fact is they know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

It may not be a valuable information any longer, as the Daily Bugle clip also depicted Mysterio revealing Peter Parker is Spider- Man and he killed him, but even if somehow debunks that footage, Mysterio’s scientist know his true identity and have a clear cut pictur eof Peter’s friend. Before the finale we Guterman pretended to be a bus driver and left Peter’s friend on a bridge to be attacked by the drones. so nothing can stop him and his associates.

Seeing as they have the tech and orchestrated Beck’s performance, they can even turn someone into next Mysterio, or simply can make a fake Mysterio in future. Either way, seeing as they’re the experts in Artificial Intelligence and robotics, and they know even have EDITH, the leigon of Mysterio is poised to become as deadly as ever, especially as Beck’s emotional and impulsive ways have been taken off the table. He might have started the Mysterio movement with hs vision , but Beck’s death may be what allows William and Co. to take this to a next level.

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